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Yantras as Astrological Remedies

Yantra is a geometric design which is considered to be highly efficient tool for contemplation, concentration & meditation. Yantras are used to remove the malefic effects of certain evil forces & to strengthen the positive powers. By worshipping a yantra one can fill ones inspiration and attain desired results.

Sri Yantra
Laxsmi yantra

Lakshmi Yantra

Introduction: This yantra is used for increased in wealth, gain of money, getting loan, success in lottery or gambling etc. This eliminates poverty and renders success to user.

Method of Use: The person desirous of infinite luxuries and wealth should recite Lakshmi Sookt daily before Shreee Yantra. Offer five nuts (Panchmeva) to Goddess. The miracle will take place soon. When all the efforts for gain of wealth have failed then recite stotra composed by Adi Shankara Charya before Shree Yantra. Unlimited wealth may be gained by use of Shree Yantra.

Mantra: Om Hring Shreeng Kling Mahaalakshmyai Namah


Ram Raksha Yantra
Rama Yantra

Rama Raksha Yantra

Introduction: Worshipping of Ramraksha Yantram pleases Lord Rama and He bestows his mercy. Lord Hanuman too safeguards the worshipper. All dangers are averted. Evil spirits go away. The turmoils if taking place at home are removed. Peace and harmony are established.
Method of Use: This yantra can be established at home on Tuesday or Thursday in the morning after washing it by  raw milk and gangajal worshipping it by sandalwood powder, dhoop deep, offering tulsi leaves. The yantra should be established in temple of home, over a red cloth. Worship it daily for quick results recite Ram Raksha Stotra before it.


Surya Yantra

Surya Yantra

Yantra for the Sun

Introduction: Sun is regarded as most powerful of all the planets and is master of many activities of human life. Sun gives good health, energy and success to mankind. Surya Yantra is ideal if Sun is weak in the horoscope.

Method of Use: Keep this yantra before you in the morning and worship in a normal manner with lamp and incense etc. and recite mantra of Sun. For bliss and gains from father, success in life this yantra is ideal.

Mantra: Om Hraang Hring Hraung Sah Suryaay Namah.
Chandra Yantra



Chandra yantra

Chandra Yantra

Yantra for Moon

Introduction: This yantra has unlimited power to give knowledge. This yantra is prepared by basic mantras of Moon. In today's world every person requires knowledge and peace of mind. Chandra Yantra is useful for everyone.

Method of Use: Worship this yantra with faith. This can also be worn.

Mantra: Om Shraang Shring Shraung Sah Chandramase Namah



Budha Yantra

Budha Yantra

Yantra for Mercury

This Yantra increases intelligence and gives abilities of speach, writing and business transactions.

Whorship on Wednesday


Mantra: Om Bum Bhudaya Namah




Brihaspati yantra

Brihaspati Yantra

Yantra for Jupiter

This Yantra increases good luck, brings spiritual protection, optimism, wealth and makes one virtuous.

It also helps bring a good husband and prosperous and virtuous children.

Workship on Thursday

Mantra; OmVrin Brihaspataya Namah


Mangal mantra

Mangal Mantra

Yantra for Mars

Introduction: Whenever a person goes ahead on an important task or project he has may worries. Whether the work will be successful or not, such feelings come repeatedly. Sometimes the task is unsuccessful. Mangal Yantra is useful for attaining success in such endeavors. Sometimes people work very hard but are unable to get good results or they have to face criticism. Under such circumstances this yantra can be utilized.

Method of Use: Recite Siddhi Vinayak Mantra before this yantra.

Mantra: Om Kraang Kring Kraung Sah Bhaumaay Namah


Sukla yantra

Shukra Yantra

Yantra for Venus

Introduction: This yantra wipes out bad influences of planet Venus and renders good results. For improvements in love affair, married life, cooperation from opposite sex, luxuries this yantra is ideal. The persons connected with film world or music must derive benefits from it.

Method of Use: For improvement in the affair offer scented flower to the yantra on every Friday.  For a happy married life keep this yantra in bedroom. For increase in luxuries or success in world of arts worship the yantra regularly.

Mantra: Om Draang Dring Draung Sah Shukraaya Namah.


Sani Yantra

Shani Yantra

(Saturn Yantra)

Introduction: When Saturn is adverse, it poses many problems. Accident conflicts, poor financial position are few examples. Under such circumstance this yantra can bring peace and comforts. This yantra must be worshipped when Saturn's sadesati or dhayga is on. The employees can make progress in life only by grace of Saturn.

Method of Use: Establish the yantra with faith and devotion and light before it daily a lamp containing mustard oil. Offer blue or black flowers.

Mantra: Om Praang Pring Praung Sah Shanaye Namah.


Rahu yantra

Rahu Yantra

Introduction: Rahu Yantra is regarded as most potent for achieving success in matters related to foreign countries. The persons who are connected with foreign countries or are residing/working away from home may derive benefits by this yantra. Rahu yantra is also helpful in maintaining good health and safeguarding from enemies. The employees get promotion only by blessings of Rahu.

Method of Use: Establish the yantra with faith and light a lamp having mustard oil before it daily. Offer blue or black flowers.

Mantra:Om Bhraang Bhring Bhraung Sah Rahawe Namah.


Ketu Yantra

Ketu Yantra

Introduction: According to astrology when Ketu is adverse, success is difficult to achieve. Ketu Yantra is useful in such situation.

Method of Use: Establish the yantra with faith and light a lamp having mustard oil before it. Offer blue or black flowers. This yantra is beneficial in the problems of death, debt, litigation, loss, bone disease, arthritis and all discuses etc. Embloyed persons can succeed by the help of Ketu

Mantra: Om Sraang Sring Sraung Sah Ketawe Namah.



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The Twelve Signs of the Zodiac*

The first sign of the zodiac is a movable (cardinal) fire sign ruled by Mars. These natives are extremely dynamic, energetic and motivated toward action. They become enthusiastically involved in activities, possessing an untiring stamina. They love to initiate things, to make things happen and they are able to do so in a very organized manner. They like to be in charge of situations, in control and they love the visibility that comes with such positions of authority. Additionally, they can be creative thinkers, they are mentally innovative and resourceful. Aries natives, however, can also exhibit signs of impatience, particularly when challenged due to the excess of energy. Physically, they tend to be short and strong with a particularly youthful appearance. When planets are placed in this sign, they can energized as well.

The second sign of the zodiac is a fixed, earth sign ruled by Venus. These natives are quite practical, stable and enduring in their approach to life. They are driven by their desire for comfort, security, happiness and ease. These desires also manifest as an orientation toward family and family connections, and there is a fine appreciation of food. They possess strong aspirations toward the attainment of material stability and success so that they may maintain their lifestyle to their liking. This material orientation is the result of Taurus being the natural second house, the house of wealth. Being fixed, these natives do not like to take big risks and they are resistant to change. These natives like to educate themselves, to improve their knowledge so that they can make the best possible effort toward progress.

The third sign of the zodiac is a dual natured, air sign ruled by Mercury. These natives are sharp minded, highly intellectual and quite mentally versatile. They are prone toward thinking and analyzing, their minds capable of going anywhere. This versatility allows them to take interest in many different subjects simultaneously, they are capable of multi-tasking but this diversification of focus can cause them to have difficulty in making decisions because they are capable of seeing all sides of a situation. In addition, the mind may question many things thus creating doubts and possibly nervousness. On the positive side, this changeability stops them for getting stuck, they will willingly give up their position in order to advance a purpose. These natives are good communicators, both through speech and writing and can attract friends easily. This sign also supports all kinds of creative arts – it is not necessarily an indicator for the arts but the quick mind gives them a certain flare.

The fourth sign of the zodiac is a movable, water sign ruled by the Moon. Being ruled by the Moon, these natives are quite emotionally changeable and fluctuating, sometimes even moody. Externally they can be very warm, nurturing, friendly and outgoing due to their desire to connect with people, but internally, invisible to the outer world, they can be shy, private and reserved. For the most part they are ruled by their likes and dislikes, their happiness and their unhappiness and they express their emotions freely, like a child. However, they are less likely to see beyond their own emotional experience of a situation. Therefore, they have a great desire to feel at ease and emotionally comfortable and therefore have a strong connection to the home where they can feel this sense of connection to the self and the family. The home is their domain and they tend to hold on possessively to the family connections. When they are able to get beyond their own emotional states, these natives can use their social skills to effectively influence others – they are capable of having mass appeal.

The fifth sign of the zodiac is a fixed, fire sign ruled by the Sun. Like the Sun, these natives are magnetic and bright, attracting the attention of everything they influence. They tend to be happy, positive, optimistic people and these traits tend to be visible in their bright and hopeful faces. The Sun is an indicator for the spirit and these people reflect this connection to spirit – their souls are awake and alive, eager to shine. Their lives are full of activity and their generosity is palpable. However, they are quite independent and their friendliness may seem somewhat detached, they like to keep their autonomy and distance. They tend to have a certain dramatic flair and a desire to be seen in the world, they enjoy visibility and a feeling of importance. They are performers, dancers, physically creative artists. If afflicted, these natives can develop egotism and an overly ambitious nature.

The sixth sign of the zodiac is a dual, earth sign ruled by Mercury. These natives have a tendency to be quite ordered, disciplined and dedicated to that which they give their attention. They are logical, analytical and practical – their minds are intellectually oriented and are capable of maintaining strong focus. Being natural inspectors and analysts, nothing escapes their notice. However, due to their perfectionist natures, these natives are not particularly easy to please. They can be self-critical which may, in turn, make them critical of others. They have aptitude in mathematics, science, engineering and the like, but if there are other indicators of creativity in the chart, this sign can add structure and skill to their creative process. They tend to have sensible work ethics and rational concerns about making money through hard work. There is also a deep interest in health and the health field – they have a natural desire to be of service to others. Their orientation toward healing can also include psychology and possibly alternative healing methods.

The seventh sign of the zodiac is a cardinal air sign ruled by Venus. These natives have a strong desire to keep balance in the world. There is strength in their natures as they approach life with a certain amount of objectivity - with logic rather than emotionality. It is through this equanimity that they are able to bring harmony to situations. They are natural diplomats, politicians and strategists who are able to carry out their plans. These are idea people with many plans which aim to influence others.

Librans can be intellectually creative, capable of expressing themselves well through words and ideas, rather than feelings. They also have a natural appreciation of beauty and elegance. They can be extremely friendly as they are not usually governed by their likes and dislikes. They do not get caught in their own preconceived notions about life and others, so everyone around them seems to receive a fair shake. However, since they are such smooth operators it is sometimes difficult to tell if they are being sincere or just diplomatic. They also have a natural affinity toward water.

The eighth sign of the zodiac is a fixed water sign ruled by Mars. Being the natural eighth house these natives are deeply creative, mystical and spiritual in nature. They are natural seekers of higher understanding and wisdom who may look deeply within to attain this knowledge. Their dispositions may sometimes seem mysterious and private but they are at the same time generous and philosophical.
They possess dynamic, intense emotional natures that can sometimes become too fixed. This high emotional capacity gives them strong abilities toward artistic expression. The spark of creativity comes naturally and this element is important for any creative endeavor to succeed.
Scorpio also has the influence of Mars which makes these natives determined and persistent. They don’t accept defeat easily and they can patiently hold back their energy in order to hold their ground. They want to know they are protected before moving forward – their potentially aggressive appearance is based in self-preservation. Career-wise, they may be drawn toward health professions.

The ninth sign of the zodiac is a dual-natured fire sign ruled by Jupiter. This natural ninth house is the house of dharma so these natives have a drive to seek and fight for truth and justice. They are the spiritual warriors, seeking higher knowledge, wisdom and understanding. They are philosophically minded and spiritually principled – they are eager to see justice and righteousness done in the world.
These natives are highly energetic and enthusiastic individuals possessing qualities of this half-man/half-horse. Such energy may bring them difficulties in relationship early in life but in the second half of their life they will settle down a bit and develop the capacity for commitment. Their spiritual progress will also mature with age. Sagittarius is sometimes thought of as the child of Libra and Scorpio – these two come together so that Sagittarius can see the whole picture, from both an intellectual and emotional perspective.
These natives have a strong capacity for financial gain, they can become financially well off as a result of their enthusiastic, engaging natures.

The tenth sign of the zodiac is a mutable earth sign ruled by Saturn. Since this represents the natural tenth house these natives can be quite oriented toward work, career, the attainment of financial stability and recognition. They know what they want, they know how to get it and they are willing to do the work necessary to succeed. They like to be at the center of business activity, busy and active.
In the Vedic system Capricorn is represented by the crocodile and like the crocodile these natives can have a tremendous amount of patience as they wait for the right moment to strike. They are deeply strategic and when the time is right they spring into action. They have the capacity to be organized and well-disciplined in their professions.
However, they also have a streak of shyness which makes them highly private people. In addition, their perfectionist nature can make them a bit critical and this attribute can adversely affect their relationships.

The eleventh sign of the zodiac is a fixed air sign ruled by Saturn. These natives are highly principled in nature, strongly philosophical and spiritually oriented. This orientation makes want to be helpful to others, thus they can be truly dependable individuals. They rarely act in their own self-interest and they will work hard for that which they believe in. This giving nature expands out to the environment as well and makes them ecologically conscious, interested in healing the earth.
There is real depth of conviction to their philanthropic ideas. However, such positioning can often make them become idealistic rather than practical in their approach to the world and their excessive idealism can often leave them frustrated. They like to see the world follow certain ethical rules and therefore they can become disillusioned by those who don’t follow rules.

The twelfth sign of the zodiac is dual-natured water sign ruled by Jupiter. This natural twelfth house is the most spiritually and emotionally oriented sign of the zodiac. These natives are highly compassionate, devotional and kind by nature but with a certain amount of simplicity.
They are truly adaptable in every sense of the word and this changeable character makes them lack stability and focus. They can be psychically sensitive and emotionally creative, meaning their emotions take precedence over practicality. They don’t do things on a planned basis. They are ruled by their inspirations, their imaginations and their feelings so there is a lack of persistence and perseverance in their approach to life. If afflicted, their thoughts and ideas can develop into fantasy and wild imagination.

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