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Workshops Offered

Yoga Inbound Miami

Yoga Inbound Mantra MeditationMantra Meditation:

    Cultivate mindfulness, wisdom, love, devotion and ecstasy by singing ancient Sanskrit mantras and songs, practicing meditation and discussing the sacred teachings of the Vedas.

    Single Class $8 Donation. Free for Members.

Yoga Inbound PhilosophyPhilosophy of Yoga:

    Understand why mystics of India have been practicing yoga since time immemorial. This class gives insight into the subtle effects of the asana's and helps to elevate the body, mind and soul off the yoga matt.

    Single Class $8 Donation. Free for Members.

Yoga Inbound Vedic AstrologyVedic Astrology:

    This unique course is taught in a practical and fun way. Each student uses their own personal natal chart as the basis for learning the science of Vedic Astrology and will, at the same time, gain a deeper understanding of their own self. Subjects include: Important aspects of Vedic Astrology , how to interpret a natal chart , qualities of the twelve houses and twelve signs , energy of each planet , solar sign , lunar sign , ascendant and more.

    Single Class: $75
    Entire Course: $450
    Personal Astrology Counseling: $60

Yoga Inbound Natural Childbirth ClassesNatural Childbirth Classes: (online course)

    These insightful classes include simple exercises for alleviating the common discomforts of pregnancy and childbirth, numerous breathing and relaxation techniques to use during contractions, and a wealth of information on subjects from anatomy and physiology of the birthing process and breastfeeding, to newborn care and nutrition. These classes are great for couples searching for full awareness and understanding of the birthing process, and ways to make birth a beautiful experience. Taught by Sunday Paucar, LM.

    Four Class Series $50 (recommended) or Single Class $20.
    Pre-registration is required.

Yoga Inbound Vegetarian Cooking ClassesVegetarian Cooking Classes:

    Instant satisfaction as you learn the simple art of vegetarian cuisine and enjoy the meal prepared. Each workshop will incorporate new tastes and ideas as well as address simple ways to improve one’s health through diet.

    4 Classes for $55.


Contact: Swami Raddhanti (305) 6382503












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