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Vedic Astrology Services & Rates

Yoga Inbound Miami

Jyotish Services Offered

Contact Raghaba Pandit for an appointment - Phone: (786) 325-5494

Natal Chart: $80.00

A natal chart is a map of the planetary alignment at the moment of birth. Under this particular influence one’s general character, personality, emotions and destiny are manifest. In a natal chart, one can gain insight to a variety of circumstances ranging from one’s challenging areas to their greatest strengths.

Natal Charts include:

  • Vedic Ascendant (Personality)
  • Vedic Sun Sign (Inner Self)
  • Vedic Moon Sign (Mental and Emotional Aspects)
  • Strong and weak planets of the chart
  • Career potentials
  • Health issues
  • Partnerships
  • Parents
  • Children
  • Precious stones and colors that are good to use
  • Natural ability
semplo chart

Compatibility Chart: $80.00

A compatibility chart looks at the synergy of the planets from two individual charts. The sun represents spiritual and idealistic compatibility. The ascendant represents the physical and personal compatibility. Venus, Mars represent the romantic and sexual aspects and so on.

Predictions and Timing of Events: $60.00

Auspicious timing of events and predictions are seen through the Dasas or planetary cycles within a chart. We are thereby influenced according to the nature of the planet, its position in our chart and the amount of years it takes for the planet to pass through its current cycle.

Additional Charts Offered

  • New Born Natal Charts
  • Computerized Astrological Report (30 pgs)
  • Auspicious Timings
  • Astrological Counseling
  • Courses in Vedic Astrology

What information do I need to have my chart read?  

-You will need to provide the following: Date, Time, and Place of Birth.

-Note: exact time of birth is very important for correct calculation of the chart.

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